Faculty of Roman Catholic Theology
of Cyril and Methodius
Comenius University Bratislava

For applicants - the admission process

Bachelor and Master study programmes

Study programmes:

KT  Catholic Theology [pdf]

Full-time 6-year study for candidates for the priesthood and laity; combined 1st and 2nd degree; opens in Nitra (abbreviation of the study programme in AIS2: KT-N; also for laity).

Admission deadlines:

    Application deadline: 30/4/2024
    Submission of the mandatory annexes to the application form: until   31/5/2024
    Payment of the admission fee: on submission of the application form
    Entrance exam: June 2024
    Meeting of the Dean's Admissions Committee: June 2024
   Publication of information to applicants about the result of the admission procesdure: June 2024
    Enrolment: September 2024

Number of applicants scheduled to be admitted: 30

Admission requirements:

The basic prerequisite for admission to the Master of Catholic Theology (joined first and second cycle) is the completion of a full secondary education or a full vocational secondary education.

Requirements for applicants and other admission requirements:

  •     moral and blameless life as a Christian-Catholic
  •     knowledge of at least one foreign language (English, German, Italian, French)
  •     statement from the parish priest of the place of residence
  •     successful completion of the entrance examination
  •     for candidates for the priesthood, admission to the seminary is also a condition for admission to full-time studies.

Further information:

The entrance examination for the Master's degree (joined first and second degree) is written and oral. The written test tests knowledge of religious education appropriate to the level of secondary education. The admission examination also includes an oral interview, which mainly assesses motivation for study. Candidates for the priesthood undergo an interview for admission to the seminary prior to the faculty entrance examination.

General information:

Applications for studies should be submitted to only one place of study, namely the Priestly Seminary in Nitra (KT-N). Candidates for the priesthood for the Archdiocese of Bratislava and the Archdiocese of Trnava, the Diocese of Nitra, the Diocese of Žilina and the Diocese of Banská Bystrica, religious and laity study in Nitra.
All candidates apply for studies electronically through the eprihlas portal.
The Study Department will send the applicant an invitation to the entrance exam. The invitation letter also contains basic information about the entrance examination and basic study material to prepare for the written test.
Admission fee: € 45,-
Payment by bank transfer before sending the application form: IBAN: SK90 8180 0000 0070 0014 9640, variable symbol: 4031130, constant symbol: 1118; specific symbol: generated in AIS2; message to the recipient: first and last name.

Information for applicants who have previously studied abroad:

For applicants who have completed their secondary education abroad, an officially certified photocopy of the decision on the equivalence of the educational document or its certified electronic conversion is required.

Required attachments to the application form:

  •     School leaving certificate (scan)
  •     University diploma (scan; if completed higher education),
  •     CV (scan)
  •     statement from the local parish priest or religious superior (scan)
  •     consent to the processing of personal data (scan): theologian [pdf], layman [pdf]
  •    Applicants with specific needs: if they wish to apply for admissions exemptions related to a medical condition, a doctor's certificate of health (scan) must be attached to the application form.

Note: Applicants who are also interested in admission to the seminary must apply online in addition to the online application for admission to the seminary. The application form for admission to the seminary, together with supporting documents, must be submitted in paper form according to the instructions on the seminary website.

Faculty contact: Anna Dolnáková, Kňazský seminár sv. Gorazda, Samova 12, 949 01 Nitra, tel: 0910 842384