Faculty of Roman Catholic Theology
of Cyril and Methodius
Comenius University Bratislava


Study area: why and what we are – how to progress ahead

The Faculty of Roman Catholic Theology of Cyril and Methodius in Bratislava has been fulfilling its specific mission, disseminating Catholic theology and culture, since 1936. To accomplish that goal exploring and pastoral-leadership abilities are activated in candidates for the priesthood and since 1989 also in men and women who seek to serve in the lay setting. Education primarily aimed at encouraging the graduates’ creative interest in scientific studying of the subject matter at the faculty is accomplished through subjects such as philosophy and pedagogy with a Christian view, in the field of biblical science and in the fields of systematic and practical theology alike. The faculty has been sustaining and developing its identity as an educational and scientific institution within the faculties of theology approved and supervised by the Congregation for Catholic Education in Rome and in cooperation with other local and international theological institutions.

The faculty offers its educational activities based on proven past methods and timely knowledge in the philosophical, biblical, pedagogical and theological fields in Bratislava and at two priest seminaries in Nitra and Banská Bystrica – Badín. Our students can enjoy very good conditions for education in the master’s program in Catholic theology. The doctoral studies in Catholic theology are offered at the Bratislava faculty.

Our faculty is among the theological institutions in the world that differ from other scientific institutions through their natural affinity to God’s unique revelations that have been literally captured in the Bible’s Old and New Testaments, the living Tradition, and the magisterium of the Catholic Church as well as through studying the relationships of man to God, nature and the natural order. Additionally, our master’s and doctoral studies feature autonomy, a critical scientific approach and a choice of research goals that creatively compete with timely mainstream societal trends.

The faculty prepares graduates with a vision of the pressing need of individuals and small creative Christian communities who, within the globalized world, avow to preferential respect for God’s standards, for life, human dignity, conscience and timeless values. The students focus also on practical training, such as leading other people and effective communication of the authentic testimony of religious experience and Christian hope. Our faculty seeks to educate and train its students for life, manifesting not only a high standard of professionalism but also humaneness, moral integrity and Christian humanism.

doc. ThDr. Ing. Jozef Jančovič, PhD.